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Paris-Shanghai Rail Express -
an efficient transport system for goods between Europe and China

Synergy effects of Transkazakhstan Trunk Railway and Paris-Shanghai Rail Express

The problem is the project: Stuttgart 21 and the high-speed line to Ulm
Das Problem ist das Projekt: Stuttgart 21 und Schnellstrecke nach Ulm.

Fast MAX: Munich Airport Express (MAEX) with minimised journey time and further express lines
Schneller MAX: Munich Airport Express (MAEX) mit minimierter Reisezeit und weitere Expresslinien

On the strain of fast running wheelset shafts caused by worn wheel treads (ICE)
Zur Beanspruchung schnell laufender Radsatzwellen durch Rad-Schiene-Laufflächen mit Verschleiss (ICE)


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10 June 2013